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Beautiful China and clean world in the service trade fair

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Note:   Fuyan,as a mascot,appeared at the 2022 service trade fair.Its prototype is the Beijing swiftlet,the only bird named
   Fuyan,as a mascot,appeared at the 2022 service trade fair.Its prototype is the Beijing swiftlet,the only bird named after Beijing at present,which is the ecological symbol of the ancient capital.In fact,with the improvement of ecological quality,Beijing has been greatly enriched in biodiversity in the past 10 years,and the substantial increase in the number of swifts in Beijing has also become a landmark event.
  The selection of Beijing swiftlet as the mascot seems to be in line with the theme of"service cooperation for development and green innovation for the future".
  In the view of vice minister of Commerce Sheng Qiuping,knowledge intensive service trade characterized by digitalization,intelligence and greening has become a new driving force for development.
  This year's service trade fair also highlights the characteristics of"green"and"low-carbon".Not only is there a special exhibition area for environmental services,but also professional exhibitions such as supply chain,construction and finance are full of green ideas.In several summit forums,the industry,academia and businesses are paying attention to the opportunities brought by the global low-carbon scenario,especially the opportunities brought by China's"double carbon"goal to service trade.
  Provide green solutions for the world
  During this trade in services conference,a visual product of"carbon planet"was released.Fei Weiwei,senior vice president of China Science and technology star Tuwei Tianxin Technology Co.,Ltd.,introduced that this is the world's first panoramic carbon emission digital earth product based on near real-time models,which can intuitively show the public the carbon emissions in power,transportation,industry,residential consumption and other fields.
  Such low-carbon new products can be seen everywhere in the special exhibition area of environmental services with an area of 16700 square meters in the second phase of the National Convention Center.
  The energy and carbon management platform independently developed by Jingneng Yuanjing Lingjin wisdom(Beijing)Technology Co.,Ltd.is committed to providing enterprises with multi process services from energy procurement to carbon asset management.At present,it has supported the construction of the low-carbon green platform of Keppel group's green city.Gao Yue,a staff member of the booth,said:"the platform version 1.0 can solve the basic needs.The service trade fair gives us the opportunity to understand more customer needs and help us define the 2.0 and 3.0 versions of products."
  In fact,the organizer has long considered the"two-way"service demand and arranged the environmental service exhibition area in a position close to the provincial,regional and municipal exhibition areas.Liu Yunxue,head of the exhibition group of the service trade center of capital Convention and Exhibition(Group)Co.,Ltd.,said that this layout aims to realize the interaction between the environmental exhibition hall and the region,so that environmental service providers and regions with emission reduction needs can easily connect.
  It is reported that there are both central enterprises and private enterprises in the special exhibition of environmental services,and the world's top 500 enterprises and industry leading enterprises account for more than 30%.Among them,there are traditional large-scale environmental service suppliers such as State Grid Corporation of China and Sinopec,as well as"specialized and special new"enterprises such as Sinohydro New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.which participated in the exhibition for the first time.They are all actively providing green solutions.
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