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The establishment of standard tree benchmarking, wuhan standard identification of cleaning service a

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Note:   From local standards to group standards,with the development and implementation of group standards as the starting p
   From local standards to group standards,with the development and implementation of group standards as the starting point,in recent years,Wuhan Cleaning Industry Association has carried out in-depth special activities to improve standards and standards,and constantly improve the service quality and management level of cleaning service agencies.
  It is reported that after reaching the standard,the cleaning service agencies that have reached the first-level qualification are favored by first-class enterprises such as Wanda,Kaide,LIVAT,Wuhan Tiandi,China Merchants Property,Oceanwide International,Lingyun Group and Xiaomi Technology,and many cooperation opportunities have been achieved.Especially during the military games,the standard cleaning service agencies won the trust of enterprises.According to statistics,the market share of the enterprise compared with the previous year increased by more than 10%-15%.
  According to incomplete statistics,there are more than 2,000 enterprises engaged in cleaning and related business in Wuhan,employing about 800,000 people.
  Aerial cleaning workers at Wuhan Jiangcheng Cleaning Service Co.,LTD are cleaning the outer wall of the headquarters building of"Optical Valley Star"China Construction Third Engineering Group Co.,LTD.ZhuoWei perturbation
  Since wuhan Cleaning Industry Association started the certification work,32 cleaning service agencies have obtained grade certification,among which 10 have reached grade I qualification,7 have reached grade II qualification and 15 have reached grade III qualification.After 15 service organizations engaged in aerial cleaning qualified acceptance,in the next year of review and review,the rectification of unqualified 1 enterprise was removed from the name,the establishment of exit working mechanism,the implementation of dynamic supervision and management.
  In recent years,with the support and guidance of Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Market Regulation and Wuhan Institute of Standardization,Wuhan Cleaning Industry Association has organized well-known experts in the cleaning industry to formulate and implement 7 group standards in accordance with the four business segments of property cleaning,aerial cleaning,environmental governance and household appliance cleaning.Among them,"high altitude cleaning management Standard Part 2:Safety and Protection Requirements"is the first group standard of high altitude cleaning in China's cleaning and cleaning industry.
  Technical Standards for Epidemic Prevention and Disinfection in Public Places,a group standard formulated in response to the epidemic,has been included in the national Group Standard Information Platform for epidemic prevention.Wuhan Wanjie Environmental Technology Co.,LTD.,which participated in the formulation of the standard,passed the standard and obtained the environmental disinfection service project of xiaomi headquarters,and was fully recognized.
  After the standard was formulated,Wuhan Cleaning Industry Association also carried out standard implementation training for 9 times according to the requirements of the standard and combined with the actual situation of cleaning service institutions,training 382 people in total,and issued post training certificates for 197 students after assessment.At the same time,the association also held a cleaning industry skills competition,through training to improve the awareness of cleaning service agencies on standards,implementation and inspection of standards.
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