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Sign a contract to provide cleaning service for the investment company, 30000 deposit is hard to get

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Note: Mr. Zhang runs a cleaning service company in the West Coast new area,On January 18 this year, he received a business ord
 Mr. Zhang runs a cleaning service company in the West Coast new area,
On January 18 this year, he received a business order,
Because of this business,
Mr. Zhang can't get his deposit back.
Mr. Zhang's company provides cleaning services for Qingdao Huimi Investment Co., Ltd,
But to make that money,
You need to pay a deposit of 30000 yuan first,
It's incomprehensible.
Mr. Zhang said that the name of the legal representative of the company was given,
I'm in the live broadcasting industry,
It's relatively easy to clean the living room and dormitory,
Although we have to pay a deposit of 30000 yuan first,
But the money has to be refunded.
Mr. Zhang didn't think much at that time,
We signed this cleaning outsourcing service contract.
At this time, Mr. Zhang learned that,
A large number of employees left the company,
The live broadcast business cannot continue,
This business can't be done now.
I wanted to invest in the company and settle the money,
Return the deposit,
This cooperation is over,
But this $30000 deposit,
Mr. Zhang has only received 5000 yuan so far.
On April 16 this year, Ms. Xu also wrote a debt note to Mr. Zhang,
It shows that the remaining 25000 yuan security deposit is also returned by her,
It was returned on April 23,
But now I can't find Ms. Xu.
Who is this Ms. Xu?
Why take full control of the debt that doesn't seem to belong to her?
Qingdao Huimi Investment Co., Ltd. did have a change on April 25 this year,
The changed legal person is no longer Mr. Jie,
It's not Ms. Xu,
But a legal person surnamed Yu,
What's going on?
Mr. Jie is the legal person of Qingdao Huimi Investment Co., Ltd,
But it is Ms. Xu who is actually responsible for running the company,
All the income of the company has been paid into the public account.
I didn't expect that there were problems in the follow-up cooperation.
According to Mr. Jie, he is no longer a legal person of the company,
Now who is the legal person surnamed Yu?
Mr. Zhang came to LINGSHANWEI police station,
The situation was reflected to the police.
Ms. Xu wrote the IOU, but she couldn't get in touch,
Does this behavior constitute fraud?
What should Mr. Zhang do now?
After all, Mr. Zhang provides labor services to Qingdao Huimi Investment Co., Ltd,
And the company is still in business.
Who can Mr. Zhang claim to return the deposit?
Does the legal person of the company have the obligation to return the deposit?
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