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The rapid rise of new guanxiaosha cleaning service in Thailand

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Note: At present, Thailand's most profitable and popular service industry does not worry about its customers. Yes, it is a cle
 At present, Thailand's most profitable and popular service industry does not worry about its customers. Yes, it is a cleaning company that provides "spraying sterilization and antivirus" services. It has a rapid growth momentum, and even a counter trend growth trend. Practitioners in the industry revealed that at present, more than half of the customers are company customers. In addition, 20% of the family customers of apartment and homestead houses, 10% of the restaurants and shops, and about 10% of the others.
Especially since the outbreak of the third wave of the epidemic, whether large enterprises or small families will have higher requirements for the health and safety of living and office space. If employees are diagnosed, basically the company or the whole office or office will take a thorough cleaning, which requires professional sterilization and antivirus service companies to provide such services. So as to ensure that the office environment is safe and free of new coronavirus residue after returning to work.
Because the huge demand has also stimulated the rapid growth of this service, some cleaning companies even launched a 24-hour door-to-door service option to provide spraying, antivirus and sterilization. Sometimes I get an appointment call from 20 customers a day. FN outlet, a store company that sells take out clothing, said that it has launched a new service business to provide virus killing, sterilization and cleaning services, mainly for customers in hot tourist cities.
But at present, most of them are corporate customers, accounting for 60%. In addition, family customers account for 20%, and restaurants and shops account for 10%. In any case, I believe that after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises and families will gradually improve their understanding of disinfection and cleaning services and eventually become a new service industry.
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