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Cleaning knowledge of toilet cleaning program

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Note:   Toilet is an independent space,but there are a lot of things and different processing means of common room in cleani
   Toilet is an independent space,but there are a lot of things and different processing means of common room in cleaning process,for example the cleaning step of closestool,for example the operation order of water stage,metope and so on.
  Toilet cleaning processing order is:
  1,enter the toilet clean toilet first agent evenly scattered on the inner wall of the toilet,then clean with a toilet brush equably on on the inner wall of the toilet,toilet agent solution,such as its response(don't scattered in other places,except the toilet wall lavatory agent is alkali agents,because on other components may be beyond repair,corrosion,if immodesty drop)should be cleaned immediately with plenty of water.
  2,if there is a need for high dust removal;
  3,clean up trash inside toilet and trash can change into new bags,because if you don't advance clearing up the rubbish in the process of operation,the flavor of the rubbish will affect the operator's working state,and in the treatment of garbage,is absolutely not allowed to squash with the hand cooked plastic bags,because we don't know if there is any garbage in sharp objects,The correct way is to pull up the edge of the plastic bag inside the trash can,directly double ligating mouth after holding the top of the garbage bag ligating mouth,hanging off the body into the garbage bag of the tool car;
  4,spray the glass water on the mirror cloth to clean the mirror,because the mirror is generally hung in a relatively high place,when cleaning the glass is used in glass water,in this case to avoid pure copper parts,avoid unnecessary secondary damage;
  5,with stainless steel cleaner spray on the special towel to clean stainless steel parts,from high to low;
  6.Clean the water table,basin,door and wall with all-around clean water spray on the green towel;
  7.Clean the inner wall of the toilet thoroughly with a toilet brush;
  8,sprayed with disinfectant on a blue towel to cleaning and disinfection of the toilet,pay attention to clean the toilet sitting plate first,and then clean the inside of the toilet cover,then clean toilet surfaces is from high to low,because toilet seat plate is direct contact with human skin,need the towel clean condition,and the inside of the toilet cover may also contact with the human body,So the need to use a clean state of the towel cleaning;
  9,if necessary,use disinfectant spray on the blue towel to clean the surface of the garbage can;
  10.Disinfect the bathroom floor with a wet mop of blue cloth head;
  11,with air cleaning agent on the toilet air odor removal work,pay attention to keep spraying height around the knee,the goal is near the toilet,under the water platform,corner and near the water outlet,because these places produce the main position of odor.
  Precautions for toilet cleaning service:
  1,in the process of operating the whole wear yellow gloves and masks,because toilet is a pollution area in a certain sense,forbid to touch the handle when wearing gloves,because it will damage to customer's psychological shadow(customers will think of our gloves is very dirty,polluted his hand oh),the correct way is to remove gloves to open the door or open a door with other items after isolation;
  2,if the smell of the toilet can not be eliminated through the normal cleaning procedures,should focus on cleaning the inner wall of the toilet,the sewer,the bottom of the water platform,corner;
  3.Never use toilet liquid outside the inner wall of the toilet.
  4.It is absolutely not allowed to touch the other position of the garbage bag in addition to the bag mouth with the body when disposing garbage.If the garbage bag is perforated and leaking,the garbage bag should be covered,and it is not allowed to be connected by hand,even with rubber gloves.
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