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Clean air and Climate Action Forum opened, and many countries discussed "double carbon" ac

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Note:   As an important activity in the field of ecological and environmental services of the 2022 China International Trade
   As an important activity in the field of ecological and environmental services of the 2022 China International Trade in services Fair,the forum invited representatives from the Ministry of ecological environment,the United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP),the International Renewable Energy Agency,international metropolises such as London,Paris,Tokyo,Seoul,Ulaanbaatar,Lombardy and Bogota,the ecological and environmental departments of domestic cities such as Shenzhen and Hong Kong,Tsinghua University,Peking University,the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences Experts and representatives from universities and scientific research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences,as well as Yicheng and other institutions attended.
  Focusing on the theme of pollution reduction,carbon reduction and synergy,the forum focused on promoting the control of air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions,and exchanged and shared experiences on major measures,policy tools,achievements and progress of air quality improvement and carbon emission control in international metropolises.This forum is composed of plenary meeting and two sub forums.On September 4,the sub forum"low carbon transportation,green transformation"was held first;On September 5,the plenary meeting and the sub forum"green finance to help low carbon cities"were launched simultaneously.
  At the plenary meeting of the forum held this morning,Tan Xuxiang,vice mayor of Beijing,said that Beijing has made great efforts to control air pollution,actively respond to climate change,and successively implemented a series of action plans such as clean air and blue sky defense,and achieved positive results.He expressed the hope to deepen international cooperation in the field of ecological environment,share Beijing's governance experience,provide reference for more cities in the world,and jointly build a community of life between man and nature.
  Tu Ruihe,chief representative of the UNEP representative office in China,pointed out that Beijing's continuous efforts to improve air quality and actively respond to climate change have yielded remarkable results.UNEP has always shared Beijing's experience with cities in developing countries.In particular,the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics achieved carbon neutrality through the application of advanced green and low-carbon technologies and renewable energy,with the support and participation of stakeholders and the public,and achieved significant demonstration effects.
  This afternoon,the conference also set up two special sessions,"PM2.5 and O3 coordinated governance"and"pollution reduction and carbon reduction and synergy",and invited Chinese and foreign experts to discuss and propose ideas.
  In the sub forum of"green finance helps low carbon action in cities",expert representatives from the climate Department of the Ministry of ecology and environment,the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau,the business department of the people's Bank of China,the United Nations Development Programme and the Beijing Green Exchange shared the significance of Climate Investment and financing pilot,carbon finance support tools,green finance project cases,carbon trading helps green finance practices and prospects through round table exchanges,And put forward specific suggestions on promoting Climate Investment and financing pilot projects in Tongzhou District and Miyun District.
  The Beijing Ecological Environment Bureau has held the clean air and Climate Action Forum of Beijing international metropolis for six consecutive years,providing a communication platform for international metropolises to jointly address environmental challenges and jointly promote global sustainable development.The forum has become a brand activity of ecological and environmental protection exchange with significant influence among international metropolises.
  Ming Dengli,director of science,technology and International Cooperation Department of Beijing Municipal Bureau of ecological environment,said that the forum has always paid attention to the sharing and exchange of practical achievements and experiences of clean air and"double carbon",and witnessed the continuous deepening of Beijing's"one microgram"clean air action,the fresher air and the more beautiful environment,and the active promotion of the"double carbon"action.At the same time,it is also a forum for sharing practical experience,during which experts from all sides exchanged brilliant views,which has an important reference role for the technological progress and practical innovation of clean air and climate action in international and domestic metropolises.
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