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Best Technology to do the cleaning service industry "crisscross"

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Note:   China's cleaning service originated in the 1980s,after more than 40 years of development,although the overall level
   China's cleaning service originated in the 1980s,after more than 40 years of development,although the overall level and operation standards have been significantly improved,but also encountered low-end,single development of the"ceiling".Feng Yajun,president of Beijing Cleaning Industry Association,pointed out:"Cleaning service into the state of the whole society,to get out of the business dilemma of the key and breakthrough,improve our country's cleaning service system.In the field of cleaning,specialization,refinement,diversification and high-quality development will become the theme of the future."
  Under the general trend,best Group,which has been deeply engaged in the industry for more than ten years,stands out in the wave of the rise of these cleaning services.
  Beijing Best Technology Service Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2005 in Beijing,is a comprehensive cleaning service provider.Best's corporate vision is to become the leading"comprehensive urban cleaning service provider"in China.From the analysis of best's struggle path,the realization of the vision cannot be separated from the word"Vertical and horizontal".
  Vertical:let technology and expertise permeate the service
  It is generally accepted that cleaning is a labor-intensive industry that requires no technology.But in Best's view,more advanced technologies such as automation,specialization,big data and artificial intelligence are being applied to everyday businesses,making this seemingly low-end industry feel like technology.
  Best has been continuously improving the level of mechanization.The standard mechanized operation equipment not only includes vacuum cleaner,water absorption machine,single cleaning machine,electric garbage removal tricycle and high-pressure water gun and other required tools,but also includes all kinds of mechanized operation vehicles,including hand pushed ground washing machine,driving ground washing machine,driving sweeper,high-pressure cleaning car and other large operation equipment.The popularization of mechanization has greatly improved work efficiency and service quality.At present,100%of best best projects are mechanized,and over 90%of mature operations are mechanized,greatly improving work efficiency and service quality.
  Best is also introducing 5G technology into the cleaning industry,building 5G+intelligent data management center,and realizing"cleaning data","mechanical operation network"and"real-time personnel management"by virtue of the advantages of 5G high-speed transmission.This move can not only provide customers with more satisfactory value-added services,create a new mechanized intelligent cleaning experience,but also greatly reduce costs,improve service quality and service efficiency.
  Heng:let the service develop to the whole society
  In fact,in foreign countries,the cleaning industry has a long industrial chain.But in China,speaking of cleaning industry,many people's first impression is sweeping the floor,cleaning Windows,cleaning cleaning aunt.Mainly because most cleaning service enterprises can not go out of the shackles of a single cleaning.
  Best to keen found that the current in social services,the demands for cleaning service has become just need,but this kind of service,there are not only Yu Ribao clean,there is also a widespread social service system,the study of clean professional and personalized service and the pursuit of,should be based on service in the direction of the whole society,so the content of the enterprise management will be richer and broader market.
  Therefore,Best is actively breaking the stereotype,actively expanding business in multiple fields while developing vertically and professionally,and realizing diversified"horizontal"expansion.
  In addition to residential cleaning,Best Group has long provided cleaning services for high-end office buildings and large industrial parks.At the same time,Best actively involved in municipal cleaning business,innovative launched"six in one"new road cleaning method has achieved outstanding results in practical application.
  In addition,after years of precipitation and layout,in addition to obtaining various cleaning service qualifications,best has also obtained special service qualifications in the field of aerial service,stone care,municipal road cleaning,pest elimination and other cleaning services,and won the reputation and market in each special service.In the foreseeable future,its horizontal expansion will be further expanded.
  There is much to be done.Behind the gradual prosperity and development of cleaning service enterprises represented by Best is the market strategy of customer-oriented,innovative and innovative development.In the future,it is the inevitable choice for the development of China's cleaning service industry to change from low-end to specialized and from"single"to"diversified"enterprises.
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