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Breathtaking! Cleaners were knocked down by a car insisted that nothing left, traffic police emergen

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Note:   A 67-year-old cleaner on her bicycle recently collided with a van in Chengdu,Sichuan Province.The shocked driver cal
   A 67-year-old cleaner on her bicycle recently collided with a van in Chengdu,Sichuan Province.The shocked driver called 122 and 120,but the cleaner insisted that"nothing is wrong"and quickly left.But Tianfu New District public security branch traffic police detachment accident prevention and processing brigade police Zhou Liang rushed to the scene,in the process of the accident,through the car was hit out of the depression,suspected of being hit by the people were seriously injured,then rain to find the cleaner was hit,and sent to the hospital,saved his life.
  (Van with broken windscreen)
  Fu Xihua,67,a cleaning worker,rode his bicycle to work at 6 a.m.,before dawn.As it was drizzling and visibility was poor,Fu accidentally collided with a van while driving.
  (Bicycle with broken rear wheel)
  The driver immediately got out of the car to check the situation and asked if the old woman was injured,but Fu said,"It's ok,you don't have to take responsibility"and left on foot,then came back and rode away with the bike.The driver dialled 122 and 120,but the pensioner insisted he was"fine".But instead of leaving the scene,the driver of the van called 911.
  Then Tianfu New District branch of public security traffic police detachment accident prevention and treatment brigade police Zhou Liang heard and auxiliary police Liu Qi police arrived at the scene.The scene was untouched,and the trail was clear.After listening to the driver's story,when they were surveying the scene,they saw the big depression on the van windshield at first sight,even the front position also concave into a large chunk,years of traffic police career and accident handling experience told him:the injured can not be"ok,the problem is not big",may be just the surface of the illusion!
  However,it is already 7 o'clock,nearly an hour from the incident has passed,if we do not find the old man immediately,I am afraid there will be life danger!But in the vast sea of people,where to find the elderly?Zhou Liang judged that since the old man returned to ride his bike,the place where she went to work should not be very far,wearing work clothes,should be around a construction site.So he and auxiliary police Liu Qi immediately drove the police car around to find out,see the site went up to ask,there is no injured old man riding a bicycle.
  (The police found the cleaner Fu Xihua)
  Hard work pays off.After more than an hour of intense search,after searching several sites around,they finally found that"a cleaner was injured"at the gate of a factory.It was verified that the man was fu Xihua,a cleaner who rode a bicycle and collided with the van.Fu also smiled and greeted the police,saying again that he was"fine."
  (Fu also insisted that his health was fine.)
  The policeman said,the key is that I am afraid you have something to do,you hit the windshield of the car so big a hole,the bicycle tire are hit concave,how can not hurt?You take your helmet off,and we'll see if there's any damage to your head.
  (The traffic policeman asks Fu to take off his helmet)
  The old man still said that there was no matter,but in the moment of taking off the old man's helmet,careful Zhou Liang saw a large black purple on the old man's head,more convinced of their own ideas:things are not simple,must be urgently sent to the hospital!Zhou Liang said,we came to you,including asking you to go to the hospital,are responsible for you,we also have old people in our family!
  (Attending doctor says coming later would be a problem)
  Finally,under the police's persuasion,Fu Xihua agreed to go to the hospital for an examination.As soon as he went to the emergency department and finished the CT report before it was released,the attending physician found through the examination that Fu Xihua was bleeding in several places of the brain,and said that the problem was serious.The emergency room immediately gave Fu drugs to stop the bleeding and called in a neurosurgeon for a consultation,which eventually recommended that he be transferred to the intensive care unit.
  Fu Xihua at this time,has appeared after the brain injury of vomiting,epilepsy,coma and other corresponding symptoms,the doctor said,the elderly condition development is very rapid,if sent even a few minutes later,the consequences will be much more serious than now!Thankfully,after more than two days of treatment,her vital signs are stable.
  Later,fu's children said that they had received a phone call from their father on the morning of the incident.Fu was conscious at that time and said"nothing is wrong"on the phone.However,by the time they arrived at the hospital at 9 o'clock,their father was already in the intensive care unit.
  When informed that his father Fu Xihua was persuaded to go to the hospital by the police,Fu Gang,fu xihua's son,said emotionally,"If the traffic police were not so serious and responsible and experienced,we might be dealing with his father's affairs now..."Before finishing the words,the couple broke down in tears and thanked the police again and again.
  They say,"Saving one life is better than building a pagoda of seven stories.After the story of the police finding the old man and sending him to the hospital was reported by the media,netizens praised the police for their charitable act and strong sense of responsibility.Some netizens said:this is the experience of the police uncle ah!Many car accidents at that time no trauma feeling no big problem missed the time of treatment,so encounter this kind of thing,the first time to hit 120 is good for both sides!
  Conclusion:Whether old or young,if you fall down or touch your head,you should pay attention to it and go to the hospital in time.I small make up home on the day an old man is also fell last year hit the back of the head,at that time,because of her a person at home,mobile phone owe fee again,a man climb bed,results in the evening the children found work she said nonsense,vomiting,seizures,taken to a hospital doing ct found a cerebral hemorrhage,but the hospital late,the old man died three days later!So the head must be taken seriously after collision!
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