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Floor attendant / room attendant

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Industry Latest resume Position Latest resume
Department Vacancy 5
Area Default area Job Nature 全职
Gender 性别 Marriage 婚姻
Education 高中 Experience 1yrs above
Age All Salary 2500-4000element/month
Updated 2020-05-09 Valid until Never Expire
 Job information
1. Strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the housekeeping department and implement the operating specifications of the floor attendants;
2. promptly approve room differences and pay attention to do not disturb the room, guest room and light luggage and other special room status, to ensure the timely rental of rooms
3. Complete the cleanliness and planned hygiene of the floor public areas and rooms on time, quality and quantity, and strive to achieve the *** level of star hotels
4. Smile service, establish a service concept that makes customers satisfied and touches customers, and do a good job in receiving guests according to relevant standards;
5. Answer phone calls in a timely and effective manner, receive all information conveyed by the front desk, and complete all matters entrusted by guests;
6. Inspect the floor frequently to raise vigilance and report the abnormal situation to the person in charge of the relevant department immediately;
7. Continuously strive to improve their business skills and complete other temporary tasks assigned by leaders at any time.
Men and women are not limited, 18-45 years old, good image, good health, no academic qualifications and work experience requirements, fluent in Mandarin, can speak basic English in the hotel, with good professional ethics and strong service enthusiasm. Those with more than one year of relevant work experience in the hotel industry are preferred.
Working hours: Day shift-8:00 to 17:00; Night shift-17:00 to 8:00 the next morning
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