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Clean foreman

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 Job information
1. According to the requirements of the cleaning project standards, inspect and inspect the cleaning quality of the jurisdiction, supervise and guide the work procedures of the employees, and promptly urge and train the subordinates for rectification if problems are found.
2. Responsible for inspecting the usage status of various facilities and equipment in each management area, and timely report repairs if problems are found.
3. Supervise and guide subordinates to use cleaners, cleaning tools and cleaning equipment correctly, and rectify and train those who do not meet the requirements.
job requirements:
1. Secondary school education or above.
2. Received professional training in cleaning services, with more than one year of work experience as a foreman in the hotel room or large-scale property cleaning department.
3. Possess general knowledge of public environmental sanitation work, including experience in the use and operation of cleaning equipment, cleaning tools, and various cleaning agents.
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