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Supermarkets are often accompanied by residential areas and have the innate advantage of gathering popularity. Many supermarkets operate fruit stalls in a way of attracting foreign investment. The cost of operating fruit counters in supermarkets is lower than that of independent shops, and the operation is flexible, so the risk is lower. However, supermarket fruit counters are dependent on supermarkets, so the operation of supermarkets will directly affect the income of supermarket fruit counters. Therefore, the choice of powerful supermarket operators or supermarkets that have established a good reputation will play a multiplier role with half the effort. But there are some traps in some supermarkets when they invite investment, because there are many kinds of fees to be charged by the market, inexperienced people and the market cooperate, we must ask clearly before signing the contract, discuss the amount of each fee, and write it into the contract.

Community stores (residential, residential stores)

Community stores opening fruit stores will become one of the potential types of stores, which has formed a consensus in the fruit industry. Generally speaking, the sales activities of fruit stores usually have certain geographical boundaries, because the community is relatively fixed. Choosing community stores is the basis of reasonable location of fruit stores. It helps to formulate management strategies. Successful use of management strategies can lay a solid foundation for fruit stores, improve their image, create and promote customers'specific needs, and establish a mutual trust relationship with customers. It is the fundamental business strategy of community fruit monopoly stores to make business in customers'minds and make them willing to become repeat customers.

Business Street Shop (Shop in Business District, Street)

Flourishing is not necessarily the word "Wangpu" often appears in commercial streets. The reason why Wangpu is prosperous is that it has a huge flow of people. But it is not necessary to open fruit stores in places with huge flow of people, such as Huaqiangbei and Dongmen, where the flow of people is large enough. But few fruit stores will open in such places, because the rent price is too high and the risk is high in such places. It will increase accordingly. Moreover, the so-called "classical boom shop" with good location and location has often been raised to a very high price range. If it blindly enters the market, there may be a great risk. But you can choose the shops on the streets with large traffic. If you want to make a profit, the investigation of the location of the shops must be careless.
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