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The original daily must do sanitation cleaning,incredibly can be so simple!

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Note:     With the improvement of living standards,we have added more sense of science and technology to our life.In terms
  With the improvement of living standards,we have added more sense of science and technology to our life.In terms of cleaning tools,the traditional cleaning tools have been transformed into multi-functional black technology cleaning products.
  Before that,when we do daily cleaning,we will carry out a wave of sweeping on the ground,and then carry out the daily floor cleaning!The time consumed by each cleaning is always more than an hour,which is laborious and laborious.The emergence of sweeping robot seems to solve this problem,just move your finger,click start,you can be liberated from the heavy physical labor.And the M7 max of pushanick is the leader in the field of sweeping robots!
  In terms of appearance,the pushanick M7 Max continues the profound and cool style of the previous generation,and improves its cleaning ability by 20%.The large suction of 2700pa can meet many cleaning needs in daily life.And built-in 5200 Ma large capacity battery,can meet the cleaning of 300 flat house.
  In the core part,it is equipped with LDS fourth generation lidar,multi-layer map and more than one map.In the process of drawing,it can intelligently identify the home environment,realize the accurate and rapid establishment of household map,and make daily cleaning more efficient!Japanese Nidec motor and drive wheel motor are selected,65 decibels quiet like wind fan sound,bringing more sleep for sleeping baby.
  In addition to the daily floor dragging,the pushanick M7 Max is equipped with a 300ml large water tank design,which can be used in a large room of 200 square meters.In addition,the artificial Japanese kneeling wipe can meet the needs of users.In terms of user use,the mobile phone supports app terminal operation.With one click,the machine can start to work,completely freeing your hands.
  The development of science and technology for"lazy cancer"patients brought gospel,the emergence of sweeping robot let us from the heavy daily cleaning liberation,choose a suitable sweeping robot,can bring more sense of science and technology for our life!
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