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The answer to cold winter and efficient cleaning of the ground - the floor washer

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Note:   In household life,whether you care about it or not,there are always all kinds oftraces of lifeleft on the ground--fo
   In household life,whether you care about it or not,there are always all kinds of"traces of life"left on the ground--food scraps and juices,dust and wool from clothing,human or pet hair,which accumulate over time and need to be cleaned up.
  In daily life,ground cleaning is a high frequency,a large amount of labor of physical work,especially in the face of some stubborn stains,stains,if purely rely on the traditional cloth or mop manual cleaning,time-consuming and laborious.The owner of the building remembers that when my parents cleaned the floor,they not only had to clean the mop frequently,but also had to lie on the ground with their fingers to remove the dirt and soak their hands in the cold water when they were young.After a lot of trouble,their backs were sore and painful.It was really exhausting.
  Therefore,in modern home life,if equipped with a ground cleaning sharp device,can let us like god help,get twice the result with half the effort,life happiness and comfort doubled.
  ★The ultimate choice of cleaning appliances-washing machine is the perfect answer
  Today,with the rapid development of science and technology,people's living standards continue to improve.In order to meet the needs of people's home floor cleaning,many cleaning appliances on the market emerged at the historic moment.Sweeping robots,vacuum cleaners,electric mops and so on,dazzling,do not know where to go.
  As an experienced posture household master,the building Lord here has something to say,in view of several common ground cleaning appliances at present,one for everyone detoxification.
  (1)Handheld wireless vacuum cleaner
  Handheld wireless vacuum cleaners are common small household appliances,the famous Dyson is one of the outstanding.
  Advantages:the wireless vacuum cleaner is light and flexible,mainly relying on the brushless motor to provide strong suction,coupled with the high speed rolling brush suction head when contacting the ground,effectively remove the dirt on the ground.In the meantime,its appearance dimension is lightsome and clever,cooperate the suction head of different function,the adaptability to different scene is very strong,the aperture of the bottom such as bed bottom,sofa and furniture,bed,this kind of health dead Angle can be taken care of easily,whole house is cleaned not a word.
  Cons:Vacuum cleaners are great for dry trash,but not for wet trash or dirt that has dried and stuck to the floor.After all,vacuum cleaners rely solely on suction to clean,and there is still a lack of dirt comprehensiveness.
  (2)Electric mop
  Electric mop is aimed at the inadequacy of vacuum cleaner,the ground cleanness sharp implement that rolls out wet brush principle.
  Advantages:The electric mop has its own mop rotation function,some high-end electric mop can even automatic foredrive,high-frequency vibration,not only eliminates the fatigue of artificial reciprocating mop,but also through the combination of rotary wipe and pressurized vibration ground,significantly improve the wet dragging effect,most of the wet dirt can be removed.
  Disadvantage:because do not have high-power suction and collect dust storehouse component,electric mop is not beautiful to the effect of dry garbage,once encounter a lot of hair,dust residue,brush whole house ground possibly"big beautiful face".
  In general,it's recommended to pair a handheld wireless vacuum with an electric mop,but this adds to your budget and takes up more storage space.In addition,the suction and mopping of the ground completed step by step,the cost of time is also longer.
  (3)Sweeping robot
  Sweeping robot is quite popular"lazy"welcome a kind of cleaning appliances,sweeping robot brand manufacturers have sprung up recently,is also a popular performance.
  Advantages:the main reason why we like sweeping robot is that it can automatically clean,free hands.The robot can clean the floor without the user watching over it.As autonomous navigation and route planning become more sophisticated,robots can clean the ground smarter and more efficiently.The workplace,thousands of miles away,through the wireless network can be remote control robot sweeping,very convenient.
  Disadvantages:sweeping robot by its own shape,structure constraints,often on the corner,cabinet corner and the existence of height difference between the threshold gap can not be completely clean,there is a clean dead corner.And,human or pet hair and stains sticking to the ground are often the enemy of sweeping robots.
  (4)One machine can,the perfect answer to strong cleaning-washing machine
  Review the market of small home appliance this year,the ground cleanness of the most fire small home appliance is about to count wash ground machine mo belonged to.The floor washer is a household cleaning tool that combines the advantages of a handheld wireless vacuum cleaner and an electric mop.
  Advantages:The ground washing machine has a strong vacuum suction and high friction coefficient of the roller brush,and its own water tank,can do water,hit the wetland surface,soften stubborn dirt,dry moisture absorption and drag perfect complement,so that the stubborn stains can be swept away,one machine can do more.More importantly,a single action can absorb,mop and wipe the floor at the same time,rather than inefficient sequential relationship,such a design greatly improves the cleaning efficiency,significantly shorten the time of floor cleaning,which perfectly fits the high efficiency,fast pace of life needs of today's society.In addition,there is no health dead Angle,but also self-cleaning rolling brush,let us bid farewell to the cold operation of hand washing mop in the cold winter,very humane.
  Disadvantages:if you want to be picky,the building owner can only say that the washing machine for the space above the ground,such as suspended lamps and lanterns,bed mites and other cleaning ability is insufficient.However,this is also beyond the scope of floor cleaning in the nitpicking.
  ★★My home washing function manual recommendation--Bissell wireless intelligent washing machine of the fourth generation
  This flagship floor washing machine produced by Bissell,the leading brand of global floor cleaning,started in October this year.With its modern eye-catching appearance level and excellent floor cleaning efficiency,it has quickly become the only choice for home floor cleaning.
  (1)Strong and extraordinary cleaning ability
  Bissell wireless smart washing machine to win four generations perfectly dry vacuuming,mopping,multiple effect syncretic,with powerful suction system and the effect of high speed composite roller,combined with the structural design of clever and smooth and cool the LED light configuration,perfect suitable for hard and soft carpet the ground floor,floor tile,don't pass any dark corner or omissions edges.
  In the cleaning process,it can continuously output surging power,supplemented by intelligent NUMERICAL control frequency conversion technology,can according to different ground material and dirt degree,self-switching cleaning mode,dynamic adaptation of the best water and suction,without manual adjustment.Can clean the ground bright as new,also won't remain too much water stains,cause wet,secondary pollution and so on.
  On the hard floor,the floor,on the basis of Turbo Turbo power mode,only a action,can thoroughly clean all kinds of stubborn dirt,efficient,clean,save time and effort.
  Whether it is the food residue and hair on the wood floor ground,or the large particles of garbage on the ceramic tile ground,or even the dry and wet mixed dirt that makes a person headache unceasingly before,can sweep and clean!
  (2)worry and effort saving adjustment operation
  The fourth generation of Bissell wireless intelligent floor washing machine has convenient and light operation.It can switch different cleaning modes and water spraying operations with one hand.Besides,it has dual-tank dual-tank technology and other humanized configuration that highly fits the reality of life,which is easy to operate and greatly improves the use experience.
  The one-button self-cleaning function can keep hands away from dirt.It only takes 40 seconds for the rolling brush to automatically clean itself and restore as new.The whole cleaning process keeps our hands out of the cold winter water.
  (3)Simple high appearance level appearance
  The overall appearance of the fourth generation of Bissell wireless intelligent floor washing machine is mainly matched with white and black tones,which perfectly fits the simple style of modern home life.The host machine has a three-dimensional size of 26.5×112×20cm,which is slender and easy to place without occupying too much space.It is very convenient for small and medium-sized families.
  A number of recent hot ground cleaning appliances,the most recommended is undoubtedly the washing machine,a machine can,strong cleaning,make home life efficiency,just ten minutes,can make home ground bright and clean as new,bid farewell to the traditional heavy and tired ground cleaning operations.
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