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What is included in the technical cleaning service

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 Technical cleaning services are also called professional cleaning services.
Mainly divided into: range hood system cleaning, floor cleaning, glass cleaning, furniture cleaning, carpet cleaning, lamp cleaning, sofa cleaning and other related items. Because they are involved in the use of various cleaning equipment and scientific work processes in the cleaning process, they must undergo vocational training in order to work, and the technical content is relatively high, so these work processes are classified as technical of.
Glass cleaning: Using Russian and Chinese special magnetic double-sided wipes, single-sided glass scraping and other cleaning tools, the special glass such as Hezhongzhong, Steel Baihua, and Hollow can be effectively cleaned and decontaminated.
Furniture cleaning: use professional furniture cleaners and waxes to decontaminate and wax the furniture; use imported steam engines, dry foam cleaning machines and professional potions to decontaminate and prevent foam on leather sofas, fabric sofas, and soft-covered walls Dust treatment.
Carpet cleaning: using professional imported steam engine, floor brushing machine, three-in-one carpet washing machine, vacuum suction and other equipment and professional reagents, it can sterilize, kill insects and mildew on carpets of different materials. Q. Finally, use the air dryer to dry the carpet.
Lamp cleaning: Lamps that respond to different materials, such as crystal lamps, glass lamps, paper lamps, etc. Adopt physical and chemical process, use steam engine and electrified cleaning agent to clean it effectively.
Sofa cleaning: Adopt professional imported steam engine, three-in-one pumping machine, vacuum suction water machine and other equipment and professional pharmacy to sterilize, kill insects and prevent mildew on various sofas with different materials.

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