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What are the methods for carpet cleaning? Simple handling of daily three strokes

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 One, daily cleaning weapon-vacuum cleaner
In daily cleaning, using a vacuum cleaner is enough to deal with the problem of carpet fluff. everybody knows,
The fluff of the carpet is very small, and it is often difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. These small fluffs are sucked into the human body and can cause respiratory discomfort. The main purpose of using a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet is to remove small fluff and small dust. Carpet fluff is produced very quickly, and vacuum cleaner cleaning must be done frequently.
2. Use dry cloth to remove stains
In normal life, people often accidentally spill cola, juice and other beverages on the carpet. At this time, it is necessary to clean them with dry cloth or facial tissue as soon as possible. Generally speaking, it is best to use absorbent cloth and paper towels to Wipe the wet area, suck out part of the drink, then apply a little vinegar to the dry cloth and pat the stain.
3. Warm water and vinegar to remove odor
Carpets used for a long time or contaminated will produce an odor, in this case we need to use chemical principles to solve the problem. First put 4 cups of warm water and 4 cups of vinegar into the basin, then moisten with a towel, wring the towel and wipe the carpet, you can grasp the strength and press it moderately, then put the carpet in a ventilated place to dry. Vinegar is the best daily product to remove odors. It has strong adsorption, which can not only effectively remove odors, but also prevent the carpet from discoloring or fading.
Carpet cleaning requires great patience and care, and different treatments are required for different situations. In general, the above method is aimed at the daily cleaning of carpets, beverage pollution, and odors. In actual life, if you encounter other situations, you need to consider the fragility of the carpet when processing, and avoid the use of strong acids and alkalis. , This will not only damage the appearance of the carpet but also destroy the material of the carpet.

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